2022 Malibu Boats UK Wakeboard and Wakesurf Nationals

02 Jul 2022 - 03 Jul 2022

Wakeboard UK is proud to announce the date of the 2022 Malibu Boats UK Wakeboard and Wakesurf Nationals. The competition is being held on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of July 2022 at Ellingham Water Ski and Wakeboard Club. Title sponsor and boat provider is Malibu Boats UK who will be showcasing their Malibu and Axis brand boats at the event.

2022 Malibu Boats UK Wakeboard and Wakesurf Nationals

Entry Details

Entry Fees

Entry fees for the event are £45 per wakeboarding competitor, £35 per wakesurfing competitor. Note: You must be a BWSW member to enter the competition and will be asked for you membership number on the online entry form.

How to Compete - Step by Step Instructions

If not specified instructions are applicable to both the Wakeboard and Wakeboard competitions.

  • Step 1 - Read this page fully - ALL information regarding the comp is located on this page
  • Step 2 - Go to our online ticket website and purchase an entry ticket (Wakeboard or Wakesurf) and optionally purchase a practice ticket.
  • Step 3 - If you wish to have spectator tickets (in addition to entry tickets) please also book your spectator tickets on the same website.

Online Entry Form

Entry and Practice Ticket forms are now available online:

Buy 2022 Nationals Tickets

Notes: Choose Friday to purchase a Practice Ticket, Sat to purchase a Wakeboard Entry Ticket, and Sun to purchase a Wakesurf Entry Ticket.
You can purchase multiple tickets by adding them to your basket one by one.

IMPORTANT: All entries must be submitted by 8:30am on Fri 24th June 2022. The ticket system will automatically close at this time.

Event Schedule

Please note timings are dependent on weather and other items outside our control. Please be available for your run in good time, according to the more detailed timings and running orders displayed at the site.

Sat 2/July/2022

09:15	Briefing	
	Groms	Qualification
	U14 Girls	Qualification
	U14 Boys	Qualification
	Intermediate Men	Qualification
	Intermediate Women	Qualification
	O30 Masters Men	Qualification
	O40 Masters Men 2 (Vets)	Qualification
12:20	U18 Junior Women	Qualification
	U18 Junior Men	Qualification
	O30 Masters Women	Qualification
	O40 Masters Women 2 (Vets)	Qualification
	Open Women	Qualification
	Open Men	Qualification
15:30	O30 Masters Men	LCQ
	Open Men	LCQ
	Intermediate Women	Final
	Intermediate Men	Final
17:18	End	

Sun 3/July/2022 - Finals

09:00 Groms Final
09:30	U14 Girls	Final
	U14 Boys	Final
	O30 Masters Men	Final
	O40 Masters Men 2 (Vets)	Final
	U18 Junior Women	Final
	U18 Junior Men	Final
12:03	Wakesurf Skim Men	Final
	Wakesurf Surf Men	Final
	Wakesurf Skim Women	Final
	Wakesurf Surf Women	Final
15:06	O30 Masters Women	Final
	O40 Masters Women 2 (Vets)	Final
	Open Women	Final
	Open Men	Final
16:36	End of Riding	
16:56	Prize Giving Ceremony	
17:26	End of Event			

Event Format

Wakeboarding Event Format

  • Qualifying for all divisions on Saturday. LCQ and Finals for 1-3 divisions on Saturday (Divs TBC)
  • Remaining Finals on Sunday
  • Prize Giving Sunday
  • Competition Rules: IWWF Wakeboard Rules
  • Note: We deviate from IWWF rules by the inclusion of the Groms and Intermediate categories (see additional rules on Intermediate Divs).

Wakesurfing Event Format

  • Surf Style Finals (Men and Women) are on Sunday
  • Skim Style Finals (Men and Women) are on Sunday
  • Prize Giving Surf and Skim on Sunday
  • Competition Rules: IWWF Wakesurf Rules
  • Note: For this first wakesurf event we are holding finals only without qualifications.

Wakeboard Divisions




12 years old and under on December 31st 2022.


14 years old and under on December 31st 2022.


14 years old and under on December 31st 2022.

Junior Men

18 years and under on December 31st 2022.

Junior Women

18 years and under on December 31st 2022.

Open Men

No age restriction.

Open Women

No age restriction.

Master Men

30 years or older on December 31st 2022.

Master Women

30 years or older on December 31st 2022.

Veteran Men

40 years or older on December 31st 2022.

Veteran Women

40 years or older on December 31st 2022.

Intermediate Men

Please see the new for 2022 Intermediate Rules below... there are new restrictions for this division.

Intermediate Women

Please see the new for 2022 Intermediate Rules below... there are new restrictions for this division.

Wakesurf Divisions

Owing to capped entries in the Wakesurf Divisions, on a first come first served basis, we will have the following divisions scheduled:

  • Women Surf Style - all ages
  • Women Skim Style - all ages
  • Men Surf Style - all ages
  • Men Surf Style - all ages


Ellingham Water Ski and Wakeboard Club,
Ellingham Drove, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3PJ

What3Words: silver.whisk.jiggle



Places are limited due to availability of the water and competition wake boats.

We will be strict on timings to enable the maximum practice sessions to be undertaken. If you fail to be on the dock ready at your allotted time you will not be able to ride later.

Practice will run between 9:00am and 5:48pm on Friday 1st July 2022 with the following schedule:

Practice Schedule

Site Restrictions

Please note the following site restrictions:
No dogs whatsoever are allowed onsite.
No camping is allowed onsite.
Strict environmental and fuel usage protocol to be followed onsite.

Intermediate Divisions - New Rules for 2022

The purpose of the Intermediate division is encourage new riders to compete.

Note that the Intermediate division does not feature at International titled events so is not relevant to TeamGB squad selection. If you’re aiming to qualify for Team GB then please enter one of the other divisions.

The eligibility for this division has been set as follows:

  • The winner of the Intermediate division is not eligible to compete in that division the following year

  • Riders are no longer eligible for the Intermediates division after achieving a podium place in that division for two years

  • The two eligibility rules above are applied from the 2018 UK Nationals onwards

  • The maximum level of tricks is as follows:

    • Men - Maximum two invert/glide tricks, one spin of 360 or above. No mobes.

    • Women - No inverts (or glide tricks); no spins of 360s above

    • Any tricks executed in an intermediate rider run exceeding this limit will not be scored (and in the case of the mens category if the limit is exceeded only the first inverts/glides/spins within that limit will be counted so riders should execute other tricks once they reach the limit)

  • The Chief Judge has discretion to run the Intermediate division on the smaller wakeboarding boat if one is being used for the Groms, Boys or Girls categories.

Competitions Footage Useage

  • Your competition footage may be utilised on our website, and on social media.

  • Not all footage will be released but be prepared to be on the website and on Insta if you do well!

BWSW Membership

  • This competition is provided for UK Citizens including people from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This competition is organised with the backing of British Water Ski Federation Ltd and therefore competitors are required to be current members of BWSW or an IWWF affiliated federation which contains UK citizens.



There are numerous hotels within reach of the venue. Please book your own hotel accommodation directly or via booking sites such as:


Due to lake use requirements no camping is allowed onsite.

However, there are a number of campsites near to the lake.

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