Friends of Wake

11 May 2021

The BWSWF Ltd Boat Wakeboard Committee’s fund raising initiative, Friends of Wake (FOW) has the specific purpose of raising funds to support the Boat Wakeboard Committee’s existing activities in terms of developing and promoting our wakeboarders and boat wakeboarding generally.

Friends of Wake

Acting as a Sub-Committee of the BWSWF Ltd Boat Wakeboard Committee, and tasked with fund raising, a committee of three will be appointed. At least two members will be from the Boat Wakeboard Committee, with one other independent member. For the first year of the Friends of Wake (2021-2022) the committee members have been selected to be Mark Goldsmith, Pip Loder, and Jeremy Nevill.

The Boat Wakeboard Committee will have the right to terminate any appointment at any time.

The FOW Committee shall review fund raising activities and agree distribution and usage of funds. Incoming monies shall be administered by BWSWF Ltd and accounted for separately within the BWSWF Ltd accounts. A detailed income and expenditure account will be prepared each year and be available to all FOW members.

Wake Lottery

The main activity of the Friends of Wake is running the Wake Lottery, read more at:

Wake Lottery Info

Fund Distribution

The funds raised shall be distributed on the following principles:

  • That funding shall not replace funding currently available.

  • That approximately half the fund will support GB Team Travel and half will be used for development of boat wakeboarding generally.

  • That in the event of the FOW initiative being discontinued, any residual funds will be transferred to Boat Wakeboard to support their existing activities.

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