Wake Lottery

14 May 2021

The ‘Wake Lottery’ is a Small Society Lottery run by BWSWF Ltd’s Friends of Wake (FOW). It is registered with the Runnymede Borough Council Licensing Authority through BWSWF Ltd. The purpose of the Wake Lottery is to raise funds for the promotion and development of boat wakeboarding.

Wake Lottery

Wake Lottery Draws

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Wake Lottery Info

The principle is that a participant (who does not need to be a member of BWSWF) can purchase one or more numbers within the Lottery, for £25 per month. Numbers 1 through to 200 will be made available.
A monthly draw will be held and cash prizes will be given for the first four numbers drawn.
32.5% of the income will be distributed as prizes. (£19,500 if the Club is fully subscribed)

The first draw of the Wake Lottery will be occurring in July 2021, the exact date shown here on this web page and published on social media.


The prizes will be:

  • First Prize 13% of that month’s income (£650 if the Club is fully subscribed)

  • Second Prize 9.75% of that month’s income (£487.50 if the Club is fully subscribed)

  • Third Prize 6.5% of that month’s income (£325 if the Club is fully subscribed)

  • Fourth Prize 3.25% of that month’s income (£162.50 if the Club is fully subscribed)


  1. The Wake Lottery shall be administered by FOW as a Sub-Committee of BWSWF Ltd.

  2. The monthly draw will take place after the end of the month and winners will be
    announced shortly afterwards.

  3. Prizes will be paid by cheque and sent to the address held for that
    number/participant or by BACS credit as soon as possible after the draw.

  4. The cost per number is £25/month paid by Direct Debit, or £300/year (if preferred)
    paid by Direct Debit, cheque or card payment.

  5. There is no limit on the amount of numbers an individual or a group can buy.

  6. To be entered in a draw, payment must be received by the last day of the month
    of the draw.

  7. Participants must be over 16 years old.

  8. Participants agree to their name being published on BWSWF and FOW social media
    and other publicity.

  9. Participants will only be entered into a monthly draw if payments are up to date.

  10. If a participant misses two payments then his number may be sold to the next
    person on the waiting list.

  11. In the event of any dispute the FOW committee decision shall be final.

  12. If a prize cheque is not presented within 6 months and the winner cannot be
    contacted, the money shall be returned to the fund for distribution by FOW.

More Info

Read more about the Friends of Wake who operate the Wake Lottery.

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