2020 Malibu Virtual Wake Open Results for Juniors, Masters, Vets and Intermediates

08 Sep 2020

Wakeboard UK are excited to release the winners and results from the 2020 Malibu Virtual Wake Open for the following divisions: Junior Women, Junior Men, Masters Women, Masters Men, Veteran Women, Veteran Men, Intermediate Men.

2020 Malibu Virtual Wake Open Results for Juniors, Masters, Vets and Intermediates

The Malibu Virtual Wake Open is the UK's first virtual wake competition, organised by Wakeboard UK with the support of Malibu Boats UK.

Placing Name Score Video

Junior Women

1 Emily Reid 27.78 https://vimeo.com/454973259
2 Lucy Schnabel 17.00 https://vimeo.com/454980231
3 Stevie Turrell 15.56 https://vimeo.com/454995357
4 Charlotte Lewis 14.00 https://vimeo.com/454969625

Junior Men

1 Joseph Humphries 61.67 https://vimeo.com/454978404
2 Oliver Loder 35.34 https://vimeo.com/454984347

Masters Women

1 Emma Jane Pickard 39.33 https://vimeo.com/454973329
2 Sarah Partridge 25.67 https://vimeo.com/454341745

Masters Men

1 Dale Crosley 51.00 https://vimeo.com/454969780
2 Ed Williams 41.89 https://vimeo.com/454973094

Veteran Men

1 Scott O'Keefe 41.45 https://vimeo.com/454341205
2 Andy Harris 38.22 https://vimeo.com/454969531
3 Mark Osmond 25.45 https://vimeo.com/454980465

Veteran Women

1 Kate Waldon 24.45 https://vimeo.com/454988670
2 Karen Bornhoft 13.00 https://vimeo.com/454978802

Mens Intermediate

1 James Dodge 43.33 https://vimeo.com/454978240
2 Callum Smith 39.11 https://vimeo.com/454969605
3 Max Jones 37.67 https://vimeo.com/454338858
4 Dan Brown 30.78 https://vimeo.com/454972955

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