Wakeboarding Hits London for 2012

The top UK wakeboarders will be ripping up the water in London this coming January at the 2012 Tullett Prebon London Boat Show. Catch Dan Nott, CK Koester, Lee Debuse, Jonty Green and James Young hitting the system 2 from the 5/Jan/2012.

From the show blurb:

Back for the 2012, Show Industry Wake Parks, experts in creating courses at some of the biggest events in the UK and Europe, will be constructing the wakeboarding course in the Watersports Action Pool. The 70m indoor pool will feature obstacles and a course similar to those seen at Wakestock and the Red Bull Harbour Reach.

The 2012 Pro Wakeboard Show promises to have riders going bigger, faster and laying down some of the best tricks seen today. Our five pro riders will have plenty to use to help perform their tricks with the Industry Wake Parks Rail & Kicker .

More shows + More Have-a-Go's - There are now three Pro Wakeboard Shows per day along with three public wakeboarding have-a-go sessions in the pool. What better way than to experience wakeboarding first-hand. Get in the water yourself then sit back and watch the pros show us all how it's done.

Along with our five pro riders the pool will feature the Super Groms; the best up and coming riders including Joey Battleday, only 12 years old and already European Junior Champion, the UK pro ladies and wakeskating!

View the Official Show Website for more details

23 Dec 2011

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