Wake and Ski Boats UK Wakeboard Rider League 2010 Stop 4

The fourth stop of the Wake and Ski Boats Wakeboard UK Rider League took place over the weekend of the 10th July 2010, read on for a full press release of the event or view the final results on the official results page.

13th July 2010

Wake and Ski Boats UK Wakeboard Rider League 2010 Stop 4 After the weekend extravaganza over in Hull it was back down to business at Calmwater Bay in Knaresborough. This is the penultimate stop and as such is the one where the final scores will start taking shape, after this stop the hopes of podiums at the awards could be gone!

The tour bus arrived at bang on 9.00 to be greeted by Mandy and Keith ever ready as always! The sun was breaking through and the site got set up quickly for the first Rookie riders to take to the water. Once more all divisions were full and with people now travelling from all over the UK, competition is getting tighter.

In the Junior men div 2 Jack Wright and Ben Edwards continued their rivalry even though newcomer to the tour Davy Overmeer is causing quite a stir just pipping Ben into 2nd place and hot on the heels of Jack, so watch out Mr Wright.

In the Ladies division 2 current leader Roz Scott extended her unbeaten run though once again Lauren Knowles was close behind and will be gunning in the finals we’re sure.

Ladies division 1 saw Katie Bachelor once again make the trip up North to challenge Megan Barker, and oh what a job she did, taking the honours and putting a little pressure back onto Megan to step up to the plate in the finals. Nancy Creedy who is improving steadily with each stop is hot on the heels of Megan too.

Masters division 2 saw Steve Thompson looking pretty, with injury forcing out Gary Crabtree, the baseball bat incident was an accident says Steve, George Wright MIA although again Steve claims nothing to do with him!! However Jon Burke had other ideas and on home water landing a sweet tantrum and completing both passes with a selection of turns and grabs managed to topple Steve and left him planning his next move like some sinister Bond villain!! Junior Men 1 and young Ed Blundell who has been unstoppable so far this year, was not at his best, meanwhile Jonny Lodge rode an amazing set including scarecrow, tantrum, elephant amongst others to take the gold, much to his delight and his folks!!

Masters division 1 is always one of the most hotly contested and this year is no exception, with the top 3 spaces being fought for by Billy Clough, Mike Heaton and Ronnie Hart, all Mike needed was a first place to put him in pole position, however an awesome display of riding from Ronnie ‘Hitman’ Hart got him gold edging Billy Clough into 2nd place and Mike into 3rd.

18 Jul 2010

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